Thursday, March 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 4g Tmobile Review

Samsung Galaxy S 4g Tmobile – Tmobile offers a new phone from Samsung. Samsung  galaxy s II, this is Best Samsung Galaxy S 4G Tmobile . With a 1.5GHz phone is one of the fastest in 2012. Supported by America's Largest 4G Network, Samsung Galaxy S II lets you watch live TV and stream movies faster. 4.52 inch screen size and super Amoled, this is a most beautiful screen. Adding HDMI output lets you watch movies, video, or view photos on TV right from your phone.

Equipped Netflix, Samsung Media Hub and T-Mobile TV with Mobile HD give you TV Shows and Thousands of Movie Titles, Stream live TV using T-Mobile TV with Mobile HD. Make It’s like a mobile multiplex. With theoretical download speeds of 42 Mbps, enjoy the TV show or favorite movies as soon as they start downloading. It's all made possible by combining 1,5-GHz dual-core of galaxy s II and speed of America’s Largest 4G Network.

You can find a hot new neighborhood restaurant, a store across town or real-time traffic and directions make it easy in google maps and google search. 8-MP camera, Make your magic moments last and beautiful photos, including 16 GB of internal memory (expandable to 48 GB with optional 32 GB MicroSD card) to save all your favorite memories.

4G PRO for work and play,
  • Microsoft Exchange integration delivers contacts, e-mail and calendar with the security expected from a business phone.
  • Cloud services keep information and critical documents  available every time and any time  you need them.
  • Powerful and Innovative communication features help you connect more richly.
  • Easy to download and preselected Top free business apps.
With 4G Pro you can leave the office behind but still get everything has done. 4G Pro Smartphones are well equipped to meet the demands of your business. This is suite smartphone for business.

Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi devices such as Tablet, laptop, eReader and many more with Turn your Samsung Galaxy S II into a Wi Fi sharing device with high-speed Internet access on America’s Largest 4G Network. Unfortunately,  T-Mobile samsung Galaxy S II 4G is only available in the United States.

You can also consider to choosing other Smartphone from Samsung for secondary choice such as Samsung Exhibit II 4G.

I hope this info about Samsung Galaxy S 4G Tmobile can add your knowledge about new Samsung Galaxy S 4G Tmobile . Thanks.