Monday, January 30, 2012

About Me

A scholar who tried to live independently, work part time to pay for college I was in college majoring in informatics, I have a dream that I want to make happen: learn highest because I'm sure if we really mean we will definitely succeed, for me to know something new is something very satisfying and can not be measured by money, though in fact the money was necessary, I want to make money in a good way and not harm others, I do not want money to make me a bad person who does not care about science and the good of this world. As the saying goes "money is necessary but not everything"

I'm very interested in the world of gadgets and computers, so I wanted to share the experience that I got and try to give the best advice to consider in advance, through, I would like to express my hobbies is learning and sharing knowledge about the world gadgets, computers and others. If there is any information wrong or not very helpful I beg to apologize profusely.
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