Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Cell Phones For 2012

New Cell Phones For 2012 – in 2012 top brands of phones released new phones, they are design by easily to using, futuristic, stylish and faster and advance.  Samsung, HTC, iPhone and more released new cell phones for 2012. They offer advanced features which further improved. In this article I’ll show you new cell phones for 2012 and may upcoming cell phones for 2012.

Below are New cell phones for 2012

New cell phones for 2012 of Samsung.  Galaxy Note offer a remarkable experience that is not owned all of the Smartphone. Equipped Quad Core 1,5GHz , 8-megapixel camera, android 2.3 ginger bread, 5.3 screen size HD super amoled make this phone be favorite choice for users. Not only that, there is a special of Galaxy Note. S pen , S Pen give you easily to draw and express yourself. With S Pen you can write a shoplist, annotate documents such as Microsoft power point, convert handwriting into typed text and etc. S pen will make you so expressive.

New cell phones for 2012 of HTC. Not much different from Galaxy Note, This HTC ONE series equipped Quad Core 1.5 GHz, 4.7 inch screen size, android 4.0 with HTC sense 4, 8-megapixel camera, beat audio and more. Surely this phone are should be considered in your choice. 25GB free space Dropbox free for 2 years. Enjoying share and easy to edit files while you are on the go. You can automatically save all your videos and photos to Dropbox and access them.

New cell phones for 2012 of Motorola. This phone equipped 550 GHz processor, 3.7 display screen, android 2.0 operating system, 5-MP camera whit stabilization, keypad lock, GPS and location services, 3G HSPA. Motorola might not release a new phone with better specs than the others, but I feel this phone is enough to meet the user's strandart.

IPhone 5
New cell phones for 2012 of Apple. The phone is much awaited by everyone in the world. Most probably Iphone 5 will equipped SOC A5, 8MP camera and a sleeker form. May iPhone 5 Will not much different with iPhone 4s but trust me, apple certainly has a new weapon for the iPhone 5, which will surprise the world.
May apple will release iPhone 5 in October 2012.

I hope this article about New Cell Phones For 2012 will add your knowledge and help you to determine which New Cell Phones For 2012 you want.

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