Friday, April 27, 2012

LED Vs Plasma Which The Best

By Agus Rosidi

led vs plasma
LED vs Plasma
LED vs Plasma – many variety types of television on the global market now,LCD, LED, Plasma, 3D and smart TV. top brand of television such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, sharp and other, they are offer different features of all. There are different of their product such as price, features quality, power consumption and other. Now. LED vs Plasma are hot trends of talks. What is your choice between LED vs Plasma ?. The essentially technology of LED vs Plasma are similar. Difference only in the lighting of the back panels. Here we will list the essential differences between LED vs plasma TV.  And once you know the advantages and disadvantages of LED vs Plasma, you will definitely find it easier to purchase the right kind of TV.

Compared to LED TV, the display of plasma TV is a lot better. especially at screens above 30". The contrast ratio. But energy consumption of plasma TV higher than LED tv. So if you are looking for tv with low consumption energy LED is better.

The visual difference between LED vs Plasma TV. LED picture quality as the number of pixels per square inch is higher than Plasma. LED TV is better in bright light conditions. While plasma tv is better in lower light conditions. Also if you are planning to connect your TV to your computer to get a larger display, LED TV is better.

Fast moving images. Plasma tv is specialist in these features. Because Plasma TV offers better quality as there is no blurring. While LED TV is slightly slow in responding to fast images hence there is noticeable blurring. Plasma tv is suited for fast moving images such as games and sports.

Energy Consumption LED vs Plasma. LED TV is more energy efficient than Plasma tv. In fact, a lot of LED television can be run for $3 or less a month. While a lot of Plasma television  can be run for $5 to $10 a month. But that depends on where you live and how big your tv.

  • LED advantages : lower cost , lower heat generation, light weight and  long lasting.
  • LED disadvantages : lower inferior quality and contrast ratio of fast-moving images.
  • Plasma advantages : better contrast ratios, better color and picture depth and Larger display screens.
  • Plasma disadvantages : higher cost, higher power consumption, bulkier frames and susceptibility to static burn-ins.
Key Point :
If you are looking for TV with low cost and low consumption LED are the best. And if you are looking for TV with high quality, fast moving image features, plasma is better. So consider price, quality pictures, power consumption and features.

I hope this guide about LED vs Plasma can be consider to choosing the best for your need. Thanks.

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