Friday, March 30, 2012

New HTC Phones 2012

HTC Phones 2012 – in this article I will review about New HTC Phones 2012 . Actually HTC launches several series phones, they are HTC one x, one s, one v, HTC sensation XL, HTC explorer, rhyme. But in this article I will review about HTC phones 2012 ONE X and sensation XL. Because they are new HTC phones 2012 with better specs and features. OK Check this out.

New HTC phones 2012

The HTC phones 2012 ONE X comes with Exceptional performance by 1.5 GHz Quad Core for faster web browsing, 8MP camera with smart LED flash, auto focus and IBS sensor help you to captures every moment with crisp, vivid and beautiful photos even in low light. And remarkable picture quality.

Audio Beats give listening experience is truly different. Whether watching movies or videos, playing games or music or you're in car experience. Also by our integrated music experience you can easily access all your favorite audio apps, music libraries or internet radio simultaneously from one convenient location.

Minimalist Design 4.7inch HD 720p touch(1280 x 720 resolution), size 134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm and Weight 130 grams including battery weight and smoothly rounded piano gloss sidewalls ensuring this phone is as durable as it is beautiful and easy to hold.

The HTC phones 2012 ONE X series Equipped HTC Car Accessories and HTC Media Link HD for accessories.

What is the advantage of Media Link HD for accessories ?. With it you can be shared High Quality Content anytime and anywhere. Download and Enjoy photos and videos from your own personal collection or high quality movies from HTC Watch, and more videos from the internet such as you tube and more.

HTC Car accessories including (Car Kit, Car Mic, Stereo Clip (Aux)) offer  HTC experience continues even when you get behind the wheel. Wirelessly play premium music and access to calls and navigation with easy and safe. Car Mic operates as a large speaker and mic, Connect your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth to the Car Mic and enjoy Wirelessly stream music from your HTC phone with Stereo Clip (Aux)

The HTC phones 2012 ONE X series is one of great phone in 2012.

The HTC phones 2012 SENSATION XL series design for better audio experience. With Audio Beat you will feel hear sound just the way the artist intended. Also the tailor-made Beats headset optimizes the audio output, Specially made headsets offer unparalleled audio experience.

The HTC phones 2012 SENSATION XL equipped 1.5 GHZ and 768 MB memory RAM, 4.7 inch screen Coupled with SRS surround sound, 8MP camera and amazing HD video recording capabilities to capture those moments of inspiration also two microphones To give your clearer sound and recordings more depth. It gives you the ultimate multimedia experience.

Easily access all your stuff such as your favorite videos, photos and documents anywhere, anytime With DropBox on your HTC phone. Enjoy 3GB storage free for a year.

I hope this review about The HTC phones 2012 can help you to consider which the HTC phones 2012 are you need. Thanks.

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