Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Choosing Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts

By Agus Rosidi

Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts - one of the important accessory for flat screen TV are wall mounts. Because flat screen TV wall mounts can really enhance your TV viewing experience. On the internet or at home appliance stores available A variety of flat screen TV wall mounts. If you plan on purchasing a new flat panel, you must also consider for buying flat screen TV wall mounts as additional accessories. And for optimum viewing for your new TV, make sure A properly mounted flat screen TV. In addition, A properly mounted flat screen TV will also help spruce up the decor of your room.

The following are some easy tip to consider if you want to find or fix a flat screen TV wall mount in the best possible manner.

Check out the specification of Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts
Make sure that you understand the wall-mount specifications of your TV. Before rushing to the store and purchasing flat screen tv wall mounts. There are different wall mounts for the different size TV. Normally, a particular mount is ideal for holding a TV within a specified range of screen size. For example : There is a huge difference in  weight and size flat screen TV in   a 50 inch model compared to a 22 inch. Also Make sure that the weight capacity is more than the actual weight of the TV.

The distance between the holes of flat screen tv wall mounts
Another aspect is the distance between the holes. The TV wall mount should have mounting holes at the same distance. Make sure that the standard of the wall mount is compatible with that of the TV, also Check the rating of your flat screen TV. You can get an idea about this distance from the VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association).

Type of flat screen TV wall mounts
There are many types of flat screen TV wall mounts to choose from.
A tilting mount provides some extra flexibility by allowing you to tilt the TV up or down to ensure a proper viewing angle. This is a good choice for many large screen flat panels often times found in a family room or home theater.

For the ultimate in wall mounts you can consider a motorized wall mount. They allow virtual silent operation allowing you to rotate the TV for an optimum viewing angle with the touch of a remote button.
A fixed wall mount does not have the whistles and bells of the other types. Once your TV is mounted you will not be able to move it at all so take extra care in making sure the TV is exactly where you want it to go.

Another option is an arm mount. These are more common for smaller LCDs as opposed to big screens.

Type of wall of  flat screen TV wall mounts
The most common type of wall is one with wood studding. Another option is to mount the TV to a cinder block wall or  a solid concrete wall. You will need to use concrete anchors for a secure connection In order to install on these walls, Basically, Flat panels can be mounted on Various types of wall.

Where to mount your flat screen TV.  Flat screen tv wall mounts
You will need to figure out where to mount your TV. The location will be dependent upon your room environment, However, one has to give more importance to the viewing angle. For an optimal viewing experience you should mount the center of the TV slightly above eye level of your viewing position. You can find an ideal location after some trial and error. You should make sure to leave enough room for your center speaker.  Also keep in mind that it's devoid of any kind of glare.

Cable management of flat screen tv wall mounts.
Many flat screen TV wall mounts will have cable management options built in to them for added convenience. most people will install a wall plate that allows the connectors to be run through the wall to ensure a clean clutter free look. While, some people simply install molding in order to hide the wires. Power cords should not be run through the walls and most times a receptacle will be installed behind the TV in order to provide power to the TV. HDMI cables have simplified things by allowing both HD video and audio signals through one cable.

Make sure also to consider adding composite and component connections as well since it is much easier to do it now rather than adding them later.

Consider these tips before buying flat screen tv wall mounts. And you will get good flat screen tv wall mounts for you.

I hope this article about flat screen tv wall mounts can ease you. Thanks.

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