Thursday, April 26, 2012

Consider Plasma vs LED

By Agus Rosidi

Plasma vs LED - There are several different TV technologies floating around, Plasma and LED, they are vying for top picture supremacy. Plasma and LED  are the same types of flat screen TV. But they have a different, advantages and disadvantage. Plasma and LED televisions offer the kind of quality that puts them in a class by themselves. Many people choose plasma TV because they prefer the features and style that is unparalleled when compared to other models. Just calm down.

 I'd do a little comparison of Plasma vs LED to help you make a more informed choice.

Price – Plasma vs LED
With the wonderful features and style, surely, price of plasma more expensive than LED. While LED prices have been coming down dramatically over the past year. So if you want to amazing features and style and you have much money to spend. Plasma is a great choice.

Black levels – Plasma vs LED
 In this aspect The LED is superior, because  they use a fully backlit array,  black levels and contrast ratio. While Plasma much closer to deep blacks that typically found on your old cathode ray tube television.

Brightness – Plasma vs LED 
LED are much brighter than Plasma screens. Even After several years, there will be a more dramatic difference as plasma TV loose brightness more quickly than LED technology. This factor is especially obvious among older generation TV.

Contrast – Plasma vs LCD
 Plasma have better refresh rates and contrast ratio so for less money than LED screen. Though LED TV offer the big advantage  over their lesser LCD counterparts. They're actually starting to catch up to the plasma TV, but plasma still wins in this department.

Selection – Plasma vs LED
If you want a huge selection of TVs to choose from,  you may want to go with LED because LED have many LED manufactures. While Plasma TV is limited to a few choices from Samsung, LG and Panasonic.

Power consumption – Plasma vs LED
If you watch a lot of television I recommended for choosing LED TV, because LED television technology uses a lot less power. Comparison:  LED tv can be run for $3 or less, while Plasma TV can be run for $5 to $10 a month. So consider the power energy efficient option as those costs for saving your money.

I hope this tip about Plasma vs LED can help you for choosing what TV are matching for you. Thanks.

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