Monday, April 9, 2012

The Basic Of Build My Own Computer

By Agus Rosidi

Build My Own Computer – sometimes buy a computer default is not suited for us, while we want a computer with the criteria that we specify, mostly computers on the market just meet some requirements for the ideal computer for us. The only way for that problem is build my own computer. What is build my own computer and what the benefits ?. Build my own computer or rather assemble my own computer is build a computer by buying some computer components individually and then combine them into a case.

What's the benefit of build my own computer ?. with build my own computer you can customize which the Components you need. So you can use your money to purchase the right computer and save much money. Different from the default computer whose components are defined by factories. And I'm sure not all of the components are matching with your criteria. In addition, with build my own computer You can be creative as you like with a computer that built, so you will get the satisfaction for it.

There are several steps to build my own computer to be aware, I will review it for easy  you to build my own computer, So check this out, Several factors must you know for build my own computer.

Several Factors Must You Know For Build My Own Computer

Decide Your Destination
Decide your destination to build my own computer. For Gaming, Business, Learn or Multimedia. For gaming Computer or Multimedia  you will need a computer with high specification, also business computer, but business computer  doesn’t need specifications that are too high, adjust to the needs of your work. To Learn I feel standard specification is good, because usuallyfor typing or search for learning materials on the internet (browsing), so it doesn't require a high specification.
Conclusions. Adjust your needs don't let buy computer with specs that are not useful for you. Do not be spendthrift to save your money

Choosing The Component.
After finding out what computer you need, next step are choosing Component. The most important component of a computer is Processor, Memory Ram, Graphics Card And Chiptset.quality. Graphic Card has greatly affected of image quality. The case also must, for an attractive and unique Design. Mostly, it comes from computer gaming case.

So adjust as needed, it all depends on the needs of each. Processor, Memory RAM, Graphics Card must be prioritized.

Choosing Vendor
Make sure the vendor is qualified and has the reputation is imperative, because they will determine the quality of the component of a computer. There are two options for buying the component of a computer. Online Store or Offline Store.

The advantages of online stores are they provide many options to be chosen but you can't see directly the goods. The advantages of offline store are you can see directly the components to be purchased but they are usually limited to a choice. So which one you choose to build my own computer ?.
For buying Online I suggest to choosing the vendor are qualified and has the reputation such as:, Newegg, com or you can buy from official site such as or It all depends on you and examine carefully.

Installing The Software
Just install the software needed to save your money, also because more and more software is installed will slow your computer performance.

The Price
Make sure you have enough money for the components you choose.
The last. Start planning after you are finished reading these tips. TAKE ACTION

I do not know about assembling a computer? What should I do. It's a classic question. Don’t be afraid, build my own computer doesn't always mean you have to build it yourself. There are many websites that can help you to determine which components are compatible with computer needs,  they are commonly called customer support team. You can find them at online stores Such as, etc.

How It Works ?, You choose the components that you want, then they will check whether the components are suited for you or not. If they agree, they will assemble the computer that you ask and will send it to your house, If not they will suggest a few other components that might be a consideration for you.

Note. If you want to buy online, I suggest to buy from nearest online store, because will it speed up the delivery, also try to choose an online store that offers free shipping. It will save your money but prioritizing quality.

I hope this Guide about Build My Own Computer can help you for Build My Own Computer that you needs.  Thanks.