Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Key For Choosing Best Computer Monitor Must You Know

Best Computer Monitor – do you want to buy best computer monitor ?.If yes, I feel you must consider several points before it. Now many top brands of computer monitor in the market but most of them are very expensive. Most advanced and recent monitors cost higher than older models. The main point to consider is your budget. Choose the best computer monitor an appropriate based on much money you can allot. Another consider are the brand, size and type of monitor.

Best Computer Monitor brands. Very hard to find out the best computer monitor brand these days. Because There are loads of different brands of computer monitors on the market. Most of the top name brands such as Samsung, Sony, Acer, Dell, LG and other. They offer different advantages and some they are more expensive than others. Acer and dell are The two best value for money brands. They are have a reputation in the computer world for providing quality computers at cheap prices.  While, Samsung and Sony have a reputation for producing top quality monitors and very nice looking but they are more expensive. However  Samsung is the favorite of most people. Because their monitors are so pleasing on the eye. The conclusion, they have own advantages. Acer and Dell are cheap price and Samsung and Sony are top quality monitor. LG fall somewhere in the middle. So adjust that you need.

Size is also important. Make sure you choose a screen that meets your needs. Range from 15inch"  up to 29 inches". A large display size will means greater cost. To avoid eye strain pick at least 19 inches" if you plan to spend a large amount of time at the computer. Consider to The refresh rate this refers to the number of times the screen is updated per second or redrawn. Also consider the brightness of the screen  and dot pitch.

There Are Several Types Of Monitor That You Must Know
  • Cathode Ray Tube : A monitor that not sleek and takes up a lot of space. I'm not recommending to buy it, if you have any sort space constraints or any size specifications. The Cathode Ray Tube Monitor is the traditional monitor that used to be available with the computer.
  • LCD Monitors : LCD is  very sleek, save a lot of space, can be wall mounted additionally and also have a higher resolution. If you have a certain size and space requirements consider to buying a LCD Monitors.
  • Plasma :  If you are a fan of luxury, you should go in for this. But  these monitors more expensive and use up a lot of power than standard monitors. Therefore, Plasma screen is not generally an option for computer monitors.
  • Touchscreen : Touchscreen monitor have touch sensitive features which are classy and simply amazing. If you are looking for an all new way of interacting with your computer, this is a good option.
  • For get best computer monitor you really need to do some research first . Check your local computer stores and check out online reviews. Make sure you choose the best computer monitor   that fits with your need and your budget.
Below are best computer monitor for the consumer report category.
  • Apple 27" LED Cinema Display             -  Best Computer Monitor
  • AOC e2043Fw
  • Alienware AW2310      
  • ViewSonic VG2028wm             
  • Lenovo Think Vision L2230x
I hope the info about best computer monitor can help you to get the best computer monitor for your need. Thanks.