Sunday, March 4, 2012

Which Laptops Under 300 Your Choice

By Agus Rosidi
Laptops Under 300 - laptop or netbook have become extremely popular on the market. Simple, light, easy to carry travel making them more selected from a desktop computer. Their prices also vary, Raging from hundred thousand depending on the performance and features. But this time I will discuss the Laptops Under 300, because I know not everyone can afford to buy laptops with exorbitant prices.

There are several ways to get laptops under 300

Buying an used laptop, Buying a refurbished laptop or Buy a laptop with old model.

Buying A Used Laptop
If you are interested in buying a laptop used, you can find a laptop used at a flea market or auction sites such as eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, etc. Make sure, you  buy from trusted  and has a good reputation online stores only. And take the time to do your research first to avoid unscrupulous dealers that sell laptops that are not qualified. Also Make a list of the features that are important to you. Don’t let you get a broken laptop.

Buying A Refurbished Laptop
Refurbished laptop is a laptop that was damaged on some hardware. Most people will not buy it because this product fails, but those fears may be unfounded. In fact, before goods are sent, they have checked and change their faulty hardware with a new one and is given extra special attention by the technicians charged with repairing it. In additional they also often offer warranties on these refurbished laptops, even Some of them even go so far as to offer free shipping, it will save money.
You can find them in online outlet stores such as The Apple Store or Dell Factory Outlet Store, etc.

Buy A Laptop With Old Model
May, This option may be more profitable than Buying A Used Laptop and Buying A Refurbished Laptop, because you will get a new laptop with low price. Why ?, This fact, every year a new laptop launched on the market and This will affect the price of the old laptop to be cheaper because there is a newer laptop and more advanced.
Disadvantage of older model laptop is lies in the performance and limited features. Their performance may be lower than a new laptop and the feature will fewer. But you can upgrade them at anytime if you have more money.

Tips For Upgrade
When you decide to upgrade your old laptop, priority for upgrading the important part that affects the performance of your laptop, such as Processor, Memory Ram, Graphic Card. Batteries and Hardisk are also important. Hardisk external and battery life is longer might be helpful.

Need to know, you might be hard to find spare parts from an old laptop models and more expensive.

Also consider several features that you need your ideal laptop. Such as  What size display do you want ?, How much memory RAM for your needs ?, Hardisk size and other. Because, mostly, laptops under 300 come with minimal specification.

Summary, take the time to do more observation to get the best laptops under 300, but Don’t expect a high specification. So carefully scrutinized to avoid any disappointment with your purchase.

I hope this tip about Laptop Under 300 can help you to find the best laptop under 300 , Thanks.