Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why Disposable Digital Camera

Disposable Digital Camera : in  the special moments like:  wedding, a messy kid’s birthday, diving, other special moment you will need a disposable digital camera to capture this moment, why disposable digital camera ? Because they are easy to use and cheaper, so you won’t have to worry about running your expensive equipment. If you want to have a fun with some snapshots this is the camera for you.

Usually disposable digital camera also called one time camera or single use camera, they are available in the grocery store to your local camera store, you can get it easier because they’re available almost everywhere. The photo quality is often quite good when compared to the price.

Most models come with standard feature, including the flash, self timer, rear monitor for view images and image delete. But to additional feature select a wide variety of disposable digital camera on the market, you will find some types that suite for you.

With price range from $10 to $20 you have got a disposable digital camera with the capability for 25 or 30 pictures and $10  for get processing, They can be as inexpensive as $2.00 each if you buy without a flash or buy in quantity.

Here Some Top Brands Disposable Digital Cameras :
  • Fuji Disposable digital Camera. (
  • Kodak Disposable digital Camera. (
These cameras are of course not as good as regular digital cameras but they’re cheaper, if you fear it will be stolen this is good camera for you,  having the option to take a disposable camera with you on work party, wedding or a family vacation can be great

I hope this info about disposable digital camera can help you. Thanks.

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