Saturday, March 24, 2012

How To Choose Flat Screen Tv Sizes

Flat Screen TV Sizes  Many top brands of flat screen,Toshiba, sharp, LG, viore, etc. They are offer various sizes flat screen Tv. Several types of flat screen such as, LCD , LED, Plasma, HDTV. They are have many variation to flat screen tv sizes 26, 32, 37, 40, 46, 52, 58, 65, 70 inch. also have thinner design than CTR Tv.

So which flat screen tv sizes you want ?.  I ‘ll give you some information to choosing right flat screen tv sizes for you and your family.

Consider several things, Before you buy a new Flat Screen TV

Adjust your Tv room

how much space is needed ?. Think not only about watching it, but how it will look in the space. If you're going to put your new TV in a bedroom or smaller den, choose smaller tv size. Don't forget to include other components like DVD player, home theater receiver, speakers, cable, etc.

What type of program will you be watching

The type of programming is important. a lot of TV is still not Hi Def. A lot of TV is still not High Definition (HD). if you watching old TV shows and movies, they not going to look as good on your HDTV and the bigger the screen is the worse the imperfections will be, and new TV shows and especially BluRay disc or DVDs  are going to be fantastic on your big screen.

The standard viewing distance from the television

How far away will you be sitting. This has always been the case from the beginning of TV time.If you're sitting too far from a small TV you aren't going to get the maximum advantage of the picture quality.

Standart screen Viewing distance range

  • 26"       3.25-5.5 feet
  • 32"       4.0-6.66 feet
  • 37"       4.63-7.71 feet
  • 40"       5.0-8.33 feet
  • 46"       5.75-9.5 feet
  • 52"       6.5-10.8 feet
  • 58"       7.25-12 feet
  • 65"       8.13-13.5 feet
  • 70"       8.75-14.75 feet
I hope this info about Flat Screen TV Sizes can help you to choosing the best for you. Thanks.